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TRIO builds better communities through concentrated efforts with builders, developers, architects, and manufacturers to intentionally bring to market innovative, healthier, and approachable design. We want to leave this world better than we found it by designing homes, commercial projects, communities, and products that create a better quality of life and a better world. We never follow trends, we evolve them.

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After more than three decades of award-winning history, HRI Design has a new name, a new identity and a continued commitment to never sit still—introducing Unscripted Interior Design. When Kari Armstrong acquired HRI from Hillary Reed 14 years ago, with it came an opportunity to bring her lifelong passion for interior design to life in ways that move people to feel, and to connect.

With headquarters in Denver, CO and a Design Studio in Orange County, CA and work spanning the nation, there is no set approach or design aesthetic easily identifiable as coming out of the commercial, custom residential, or model merchandizing studios at Unscripted.

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