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Tips for Success

Looking for an inside track to win a MAME Award?

We have the tools to help make that happen!

Click here to access the handout from the 2019 How to Succeed at MAME session. The handout include tips and tricks for putting together a successful entry and real-life examples of great entries from a variety of categories.

If you are looking for a little more detail and inspiration, watch our video!  See real life examples of past entries and learn what made them successful, understand the judging process and what the judges are really looking for, gain tips on how to make your entry stand-out, and learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

A solid presentation helps the judges see how good your work really is. Here are tips from judges and winning entrants that can help you make submittals as complete and effective as possible.


Plan Ahead

Review possible entries, and make final decisions in a timely fashion; 3-4 weeks from the deadline is not too soon to start.

Make your selections early and submit to gain your entry serial numbers. Don’t wait until the deadline — to much pressure.

Organize all work from this starting point, and be systematic; try to nail down all elements of the final package well ahead of the deadline.



Get the best you can afford — photography does not win the award, however bad photography can hurt your entry.

If you have a favorite architectural photographer, book him/her NOW. The best are in great demand. If you don’t have a favorite, Ask veteran entrants who they like best, and why. Fully use your photographer’s expertise. The best can help you resolve issues of shot selection, number of models to shoot, when to shoot, etc.

Focus interior photography on architectural interest: room relationships, volumes, views, sculptural elements and other details. Don’t emphasize furniture.

Focus exterior photography on elevation strength, entry details, streetscape, neighborhood character, community interest, etc.


Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot

Fundamental errors are the easiest to make; check your work. Make sure you have the required number of photos, the floor plan and complete marketing statement.

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