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  1. Attend MAME University
    • Join us on June 4, 2024 to learn how the new entry process will work. Cocktails and snacks will be provided, and ask questions in person with the MAME Committee!
  2. Decide which projects you are going to enter
    • Take a look at the categories and decide where your projects fit in.
  3. Register your projects
    • All you need to register is the name of your project, location, date completed, and category you want to enter it in – that’s it!
    • Register all your projects by August 2nd for early bird pricing – save some money!
    • Once your projects are registered, you are locked in to have those as an entry. Now, start gathering your entry materials.
  4. Gather + Submit Entry Materials
    • Gather your photos, project information, and marketing statements to complete your entries.
    • Submit all materials via the online form.
    • You’re entered!
  5. Purchase your Tickets
    • MAME Awards Show tickets will be available starting September 16th on the HBA Denver website. Don’t wait, we will be selling out! Ticket sales close October 26.
    • Purchase separate tickets for the MAME After Party via Eventbrite.




  1. Rookie Sales Professional – less than 2 years selling
  2. Sales Professional of the Year
  3. Sales Team of the Year
  4. Online Sales Counselor of the Year
  5. Million Dollar Sales Awards – Presented for $8 Million, $12Million, $20Milllion & $50 Million



  1. Sales Manager of the Year – NOMINATED ONLY
  2. Marketing Professional of the Year- NOMINATED ONLY
  3. Builder Community Superintendent of the Year
  4. Builder Customer Service Professional of the Year
  5. Builder Purchasing Professional of the Year
  6. Young Leader Award – NOMINATED ONLY – no fee
  7. Associate Partner of the Year – NOMINATED ONLY – no fee
  8. Remodeler of the Year
  9. Custom Builder of the Year




  1. Best Logo Design
  2. Best Graphic Continuity
  3. Best Brochure – Printed or Digital Format
  4. Best Print Ad – color or black/white
  5. Best Video
  6. Best Radio
  7. Best Overall Advertising Campaign – Includes all collateral and online platforms
  8. Best Special Promotion – Limited time sales or marketing event
  9. Best Digital Marketing Program – includes digital ads, outboard digital marketing and social media
  10. Best Innovative Use of Technology – includes virtual, apps and point of sale experiences
  11. Best Website
  12. Best Signage



  1. Best Sales Office
  2. Best Community Amenity Feature – Clubhouses, Garden Areas, etc. – Awards may be presented For Rent /For Sale
  3. Best Indoor/Outdoor Living Space – enhancement of living space and floor plan
  4. Best Interior Merchandising of a Model – Detached Home – Priced $500,000 & under
  5. Best Interior Merchandising of a Model – Detached Home – Priced $500,001 to $650,000
  6. Best Interior Merchandising of a Model – Detached Home – Priced $650,001 to $800,000
  7. Best Interior Merchandising of a Model – Detached Home – Priced $800,001 to $950,000
  8. Best Interior Merchandising of a Model – Detached Home – Priced over $950,0000
  9. Best Interior Merchandising of a Model – Attached Home
  10. Best Architectural Design of a Model – Detached Home – under 2,000 sq. ft.
  11. Best Architectural Design of a Model – Detached Home – 2,001 to 2,600 sq. ft.
  12. Best Architectural Design of a Model – Detached Home – 2,601 to 3,200 sq. ft.
  13. Best Architectural Design of a Model – Detached Home – Over 3,200 sq ft.
  14. Best Architectural Design – Urban Infill Design
  15. Best Architectural Design of a Model – Attached Home
  16. Best On the Boards Architectural Design – Production & Custom
  17. Attached Home of the Year
  18. Detached Home of the Year
  19. Active Adult Home of the Year
  20. Design Series of the Year



  1. Community of the Year



  1. Kitchen Remodel Under $75,000
  2. Kitchen Remodel Over $75,001
  3. Bathroom Remodel Under $60,000
  4. Bathroom Remodel Over $60,001
  5. Basement Remodel Under $50,000
  6. Basement Remodel Over $50,001
  7. Historic Remodel – Sensitive remodeling to vintage pre-1940’s home
  8. Historic Remodel – Mid-Century
  9. Whole House Remodel Under $700,000
  10. Whole House Remodel Over $700,001
  11. Accessory Dwelling Unit
  12. Specialty Room
  13. Interior Design of a Custom Home
  14. Custom Home – under 5,000 sq. ft.
  15. Custom Home – 5,001 & over sq. ft
  16. Kitchen Design – Custom Home
  17. Landscape Design – Remodel or Custom Fully Installed Project
  18. Backyard Amenity

MAME Entry Rollover for The Nationals

We are pleased to offer a special entry rollover program. Here’s how it works. You have already entered materials, The Awards Committee will provide your entry materials to the The Nationals for you! If you would like to resubmit those materials for either program, all that is needed is for you to mark the boxes on the entry application for Nationals. You will be invoiced separately for entry fees for each program. No additional forms or materials needed!! Simply mark your form and you are all set, we’ll take care of the rest!

Eligible Entries

  • Product must be built or marketed September 1, 2022 and August 30, 2023
  • Home Builders or Associate Members (advertising agency, architect, supplier, interior designer, developer) may enter.
  • Only HBA builders and associate members in good standing are eligible to receive recognition.
  • Repeat Entries: Remember, if your work is still being marketed as of September 1, 2021, you can enter that work even if it has already been entered in previous years, even if you won for that category. This applies to any category.
  • Product/community must be within the eight-county metro area of Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Elbert, and Jefferson. If the builder is a member of the Denver HBA with a main office located in one of the above mentioned counties but their product/project is outside of those counties (but in Colorado) it is eligible for entry but may not be toured by the judges due to time restraints.
  • All companies named on entry forms need to be members of the HBA or they will not be acknowledged. If the company is based outside of the state, they can join the Denver HBA as an affiliate member.
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